Friday, January 23, 2009

Im back from my reunion dinner!!! :D very very very filling. but isnt that yummy compared to last time. had different wavelength from the cousins excluding selene & sister. tsk. before that, sayang came my house. lepak till 5pm and he went for his mogwai concert with et & friends. all of them wore red. that's gay. after that, went for reunion dinner. for the next 3 days, i will be eating reunion dinner. good food coming up! but i dont want to get fatter! im like so fat now. arggggh!

sayang did something very funnnny/cute this morning at 5am plus. i thought something major happened. i dont know if i should laugh at him for being so cute or irritated at him for waking me up. heading out with him tomorrow. heee. i know he would be accompanying me whatever i want to go. heh

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