Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i got myself updating in livejournal again. go figure the link out, you might get it right if you're lucky enough. heh. by the way, it's shown to public. hahahah.

regarding yesterday, met davin at tampines mrt station. he accompanied me wait for a buyer whose damn late. got irritated and kept complaining to him. hah. hungry woman is a angry woman. bleah. had pizza hut for lunch, talk talk talk. he treated. saw his friends, felt uber awkward. got gummies from davin too. heeee. walk around the mall with his friends to get a birthday present for his friend while waiting selene to end her school.

met selene, trained down to plaza sing. didnt found what we want from spotlight. way too expensive. we aint that rich to buy those stuff. went to find our mummies at novena. suppose to have a good dinner but too bad last min thing crop up. i was looking forward to good food! geez. cabbed home. called jowj, talked till 4plus am. and he fall asleep while talking. how pro is that.

i didn't mean to fall for you again but i did .

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