Monday, January 26, 2009

currently at vivian's house. gonna stay here for the whole day. cant really go visiting due to my decreased grandmother.but still manage to get some angbaos. heh. im exhausted. watched midnight movie with vivian's family. the movie, Inkheart. isnt a bad movie but i was fighting with the zzz monsters half way thru the movie. tiring. cabbed back home and sleeeeeep. realise that i didnt cut out the tag of my new PJs. mama and sister was laughing at me for being so blur. i'll bet sayang would to if he see this. jeez.
went to my grandparents's house. stayed awhile. took pictures. last stop, vivian's house. everyone expect for xiao yi's family is here. cam whored like crazy. which means pictures coming up soon! ahaha. finally took so much pictures after so long. gambled too. won a bit. ah kim got more cause she wore red inside out. im gonna wear red inside out too cause tomorrow they are coming my house! $$$$ here i comeeeeeee! :D
watching movie later on again i guess. sayang isnt back in singapore yet. gaaaah. imissyou,you this biggest huai ren in the world. :(

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