Sunday, December 21, 2008

friday was fun with my precious ones, selene & yuyuan that smelly guy, took lots & lots of photos. candid shots, unglam pictures, ugly pictures. i look freaking pale with those 2 tan skinned human each sitting beside me. at least i get to forget some heart aching stuff of mine.

walking around vivo aimlessly. all of us was so so so broke. yuyuan went home first cause his cousin was going to his house. lene & i went home after some pathetic dinner at the food court.
had work on yesterday & today. overall, it's wasnt that bad after all. went to bt timah to find that smelly guy around 4plus pm. got lost, took cab down. found out that the shopping mall isnt really a proper shopping mall. felt cheated. i kept on "omg omg omg" all the way.

saw yuyuan's mum. she thought that im studying in the same sch with lene. waited for yuyuan's friends. then they start playing pool. chit chatted with his friends. most of them thought that im younger than lene. do i really look that young? omgosh. ate supper with them then cab back home with lene. i have been staying at lene's house for like 5 days already. im finally going home tomorrow. heh.

hell lots of pictures coming up! pictures from date with asshole & vivo day out. but no unglam/fugly pics though. cause lene & smelly will kill me, rip my bones apart. hah. i have decided to buck up! not giving up so easily! cause not giving up lead to success. (: give me some moral support! cause i need that a lot, real lots of them now.
&&&& imissjessalyntan. ):

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