Friday, December 19, 2008

my heart is aching real badly now, yes i mean right now this very second & that god damn feeling is not going away. first time im feeling this way. i shouldn't be so kaypo & went into that girl's blog & start reading it. oh well, i brought it upon myself. dumb me.

back to other stuff! i managed to persuade that smelly guy not to sell away his precious guitar. luckily, i did if not i think he would be regretting later. it's not the $$, it's the memories that are valuable to him. i dont even have the chance to appreciate anymore cause it's too late. i crushed it all by myself. boohoo. blessed girls just dont know how to appreciate how blessed are they.

& that dumb selene cousin of mine asking me for helps & all when i myself is a messy state. i have been staying here for the 3rd night. geez. mummy is complaining. i think she miss me. hah. im gonna ask that cousin of mine to stop talking on the phone so that we could eat! my stomach is having a war now.

FYI: perhaps that girl got everything that im without. like i told you before, i rather myself being unhappy than you being sad. thank you for loving me. i'll try my very best to build that pillar all over again with my bare hands. i guess you'll never ever read this.

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