Monday, December 22, 2008

finally im back to my home after 7nights at cousin's house. and i got grounded by my mum for this week. she's god damn unreasonable. whatever, i dont plan to head out this week too. cause i got into an car accident & hurt my back. i wasn't sitting properly, and then bang! i fall and hurt my poor back.

met asshole, ate dinner at sumo house. ordered a lot. some of the food was the suckiest food i ever eaten in my life. we were the last customer to leave the place. went to somewhere near asshole's house. accompanied him to wait for madhu & his girl. during that period of time, he made my day. oh god, im happy. yes, im really very happy to the core. reached home late & got screwed from my mum. i think she's kinda angry that i stayed at my cousin house for 7nights & coming home real late. geez.

im waaay too lazy to edit all these pictures. && i really look fugly/pale in some of those photos. all because of 2 tan skinned human with me. damn it. more pics coming up soon. (:

p/s: happy that things is going smoothly. gonna buck up and earn you back my dearest asshole. (:

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