Tuesday, November 04, 2008

2 more days to my birthday! & i shall be one cute princess for a day i hope.

on my birthday, there's 2 tests coming up. sickening shit. i have mental preparation that asshole won't be with me celebrating already. cause my sixth sense tell me so, though im kinda hoping that he would. & i bought a fucking expensive top for him though i know that im going bankrupt soon. i cant even bear to spend that much on myself. geez. how fishball wish that he's my boyfriend. lol. but too bad the one i love isn't him. blah.

gotta go school early in the morning tomorrow, just to finish up the major project. school are boring enough and they make it worse when there's no eye candies for me to see. no motivation you see. sigh. everything isn't going my way. okay whatever.

cheer up selene. (:
we are on the same boat, i know how you feel. no matter what happens, im with you.
call me whenever you need me. i'll be thereeee for you! let you complain, whine, cry, grumble whatever you want okay? heeee. we are the dumbest girls ever right.

they are the ones who can make us be the happiest girl ever,
they are also the ones who tear us apart.

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