Saturday, October 11, 2008


woke up at 10am, get my ass off my bed & started prepare to get out of house. met asshole at enous mrt station, he reached first. it's okay, since im the one who have to wait for him most of the time. trained all the way down to boon lay mrt station. the trip there wasn't as long as i thought it would be. took bus 194 to jurong bird park. some funny shit happened while waiting for the bus. asshole kept laughing at me. he will tell my mum, sis & gf for sure, or maybe madhu too. then all of them will start laughing at my blurness again. im getting more blur as days goes by, wonder why.

walked the whole of bird park. one of the attraction is damn freaking cool. which called Lory Loft. you can feed the birds etc etc etc. it's damn fun. asshole had lots of bird flying to him due to the food he had on hand. hah. ended our journey at around 3pm. settled down at the only food restaurant there. the Fish&Chips were inedible and it freaking hell cost me $13.40 which i thought it would be good. only stupid tourist or fucking rich people would buy. im never gonna buy that ever again, i swear.

bused back to bird park, took bus 30 all the way to paya lebar. 1hour ride. slept thru out the trip. then take bus 21 home. rest at home. did go to amalina's bf's house cause asshole overslept + they are going off soon. did not go to athari's house too cause both of us were too tired out. lack of sleep, tons of walking. routes of bird park have tons of uphills which makes me tease asshole a lot. hah. leave for dinner at bedok 85 at around 8.30pm.

ordered quite a lot of food. saw asshole's so called ex girlfriend. walked to vivian's house after dinner. saw a cyclist sitting on floor on the way there, cyclist's legs got cramp or whatever shit. asshole helped him to recover in a way. felt happy cause we did a good deed today though im not the one helping. but still, my boyfriend mah! took the hula hoop from vivian & walked to the bus stop. took bus 22 home & asshole went home.

he uber sweet, super cheeky, damn bad. sweet cause say a lot of sweet stuff, cheeky cause he kept teasing me, bad cause he kept laughing at me. a lot a lot more. accompanied me one whole bloody day. & im damn happy about it. first time leh! im becoming like him & he's becoming like me. i wonder is it bad or is it good. lol. right now, im waiting for my boy's leg to heal & he's gonna piggyback me for a damn long time! wahahahah

2pictures for now!
look at the cute shirt that i bought for him!
suits him very well which prove that i have good taste. (:

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