Sunday, October 12, 2008

blogger is acting like a bitch. it doesn't let me upload any photos. damn it.

today shilah's belated birthday celebration was fun. met eddie at selina at bugis. three of us waited for shilah, zaki & hazim for 1hour 45mins. shit case. ate mos burger while waiting for them. guys went acrade, girls went window shopping. walked to esplanade at around 5plus. sat there, cam whore, chit chated, played blackjack where the fun came in. forfeit. it's was fun, exciting, gross, M18 stuff though im still 16. im was the youngest in the group. zaki said that my dressing today, plus shilah's cap & bag makes me look like one pretty minah & will make those mats drooling over me. lol. im not minah okaaaaay! im joey. heh.

shilah & zaki headed for singapore flyer while all of us went home. trained to tampines to pass aunty the card & took bus home. im going to sleep now cause school starting at 8.45am tomorrow. im gonna be so dead. bless me.

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