Saturday, September 27, 2008

woke up damn late due to the rain. slept all the way till 2 plus. shiok! fool around with my computer. edited some photos. chatted with asshole on msn, discussing what to eat for dinner. suppose to be some international buffet but we are kinda broke so change to sakae sushi buffet. cheaper. hah. suppose to meet him at his house at 7pm. but he's late for half hour due to some meeting in school. geeeeez. everytime made me wait wait wait. i nearly die of hunger. gastric acting up like some mad cow running here & there.

walked to hougang point. short distance. asshole wanted to piggyback me but he strained his muscle. sad sad. oh well, there's always a next time. ateeee all the way till 10pm. when asshole get drunks, he turn crazy. when asshole get too full, he turn crazy too! tsk tsk tsk. he was singing, talking rubbish totally rubbish. but i love it when he sing the song "when you say nothing at all" his eyes, awwwwwwww~ took bus back to asshole's place. chill around at the playground. then bused home after that. :D

tomorrow working! with jasmine! so long never see her already. miss her man! looking forward to it. plus it's an easy job! hahahaha. hopefully we won't bored to death. hah

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