Friday, September 26, 2008

i shall blog for the sake of blogging.

Yesterday, went working with gf at Singapore Polo Club. work was slack. but damn warm for the weather. sweat a lot. horses there was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. angmoh there was handsome too, even for it's just a kid. their eyes. i wished i have them. get to know few new friends. they were friendly. gf & i din really eat anything for the whole day & we sort of complained it to david, the supervisor. after awhile, he told us that the chef whip up some fried rice for us. fried rice was delicious or maybe we were too hungry. hah. chit chatted with the bartender. he's 3rd best in singapore man! damn cool luh. he gave gf & i tried his invention which called HARIS, his name. lol. he's a mix blood, malay & indian. hah

knocked off at 10pm with haziqah & her bf. her bf damn talkative ah. cannot tahan! bid goodbye to them & took bus to Ang Mo Kio. samuel came after that. he's dumb, damn dumb to the extent that i have no comments. tsk tsk. went home at around 12plus am.

Today - meet delia at bugis, went to cityhall. met up with my asshole & madhu. went to subway cause delia & her friend wants to eat. chit chatted. delia's friend went back to school, while i accompanied delia to wait for mingxian. delia kept molesting me, kissing my cheeks, squeezing my ass. gross. asshole don't even care man, ass him! mingxian came, chit chatted awhile and they went off. they can't click with each other. so sad. went to burger king for dinner, din eat anything cause madhu took my money away and claim that im treating him. so i got pissed with him. lost my mood of eating. after awhile, im alright again but im not going to forget about this. heh.

sort of like some confession time for madhu. hah. madhu bought poker cards which fucking hell cost $4.65 when i could buy at $1. went to bugis library, madhu teach asshole lots of tricks. i learned one of them too! it's damn cool, waaaay cool man. walked to bugis junction to take train. sent asshole home. im sucha good girlfriend. he shake my head & called me "da sha gua" he's damn sweet today. i likeeeeeeee! took bus home after that. one man followed me while im on my way walking home. i walk here, he walk here, i walk there, he walk there. i got scared so i called asshole. told him about it, after that i found out that the man went missing. stupid man. walked as fast as my legs could take me. and home sweet home! (:


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