Sunday, September 21, 2008

friday- sleeeeeeeeep all the way till 1.17pm. shiok! rot at home. thought of meeting up asshole after his school ends. BUT around 3plus, he messaged me saying that he din went to school. so we met up at plaza sing at around 7.30. cold war sort of started which i have no idea why. bused to holland village. ate dinner at breko. average. half way eating, our cold war ended. and we start talking talking talking lots of rubbish. went to settlers cafe, asshole's old workplace. Arts Central came to interview their cafe. get to know his friends.

one of them look like 16 years old though he's 20 already! i was "WHOA" they thought that im 14years old kid, as usual. the manager called ben, thought that i was a primary school kiddo. wth lah. one of them look uber old, 22years old look like 30years old. to make things worse, he totally look like selene's dad when he smiles. HAHAHA. played some games & went off at around 11plus. took different bus from asshole. something freaky/gross/ disgusting happened during the bus trip. ewwwwwwwwwww! someone saved me from that china man. thanks uh someone. (:

Saturday - working! super duper ultra slack. i think gf & i worked less than 2hours? other than that we sat down talking/slacking. hah. delia & mingxian came and find us around 8pm. 2 new friends i got to know. delia is one scary woman. after that, played a game where gf's & my worse nightmare happened. my virgin french kiss to girl is poof! gone! delia said im violent/ she got no comments about it. hah.

Today - working again! for this coming week, im only free on thur. i think im going dieeee from being too shag due to working. gah gah gah. BUT nevermind, KA CHING KA CHING $_$~ work more! earn more! spend more! :)

(shooooooo! if you don't like my face etc etc etc)

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