Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday- worked with jasmine. work was boring. location sucks to the max. self declared knocked off at 6pm. went to meet jasmine's friends. chit chatted. home sweet home.

Sunday- worked with girlfriend. same sucky location. slack the waaaaaaay. ate apple strudel. delicous! gonna bring asshole there someday or maybe tomorrow since it's near his house. heh.
went to girlfriend's house to sleep while waiting for two of guys to reach. my asshole reached first so off we went to meet him. gf's boy was late late late! wonder what's the use of his long legs. tsk tsk tsk. right after asshole finished his dinner, his parents called saying that they were going to fish&co for dinner. so he went there leaving me being a light bulb. he should be meeting me up after the dinner but too bad his dad was in a foul mood. so everything cancel. wanted to meet up with madhu but was too lazy in the end. ahha. so home was the last stop.

Yesterday - sort of quarreled with asshole. but the main thing is i have no idea why he said all that to me. he did not even want to tell me what is going on. leaving me in dark. fucking helpless. asked amalina, madhu regarding the problem but none of them know. and madhu got scolded by asshole due to me. felt bad. decided to let asshole cool down so heck him. met madhu's friend alex at clementi. both of us was late late late. hah. alex seriously look like one cha boh! i kept asking him if he's a guy. lol. and of course disturbing him too. hah. meet madhu at woodlands stadium. up to his house outside to wait for him to shower. i was complaining that im hungry. hah. anyone would complain of being hungry when your last meal was 36hours ago.

took bus 168 down to tampines. madhu somehow made asshole go for the chalet. upon reaching tampines, we took cab down to the chalet. birthday boy called bruce i think. im sure he will look damn handsome without his long long fringe. lol. saw shijie over there! sucha long time since i seen him. slacked around, talked. felt weird cause i don't really know the people there. around 11.30, asshole came. madhu called both of us out. madhu went off after his talking & leave us alone after awhile. so we have a talk, sort things out. and we are alright again. asshole asked me if i wants him to stay over at my house. darn happy luh! lol.

called mum and tell her about it. leave the chalet around 1.30am. celebrated the birthday celebration without a birthday cake. the cake went MIA. funny shit. so there's only candles. haha. took cab back with asshole. dropped at mac, bought food and walked home. asshole slept first. i had a hard time sleeping cause that asshole of mine took up a lot of space. lucky his gf small size or else i think he's dead. hahahaha. i woke up at 6.30am, went down buy breakfast. miracle i know. back to lala land again when i reach home. both of us slept all the way till my sister reached home. around 3pm, asshole went back home. hah

deciding should i go for davin's chalet?! aiya. sigh.

i found out something, which is when asshole's angry, fuck care whatever words he said. cause he does not know what the fuck is he talking which will hurt his girlfriend. and perhaps he will regret afterwards but not willing to admit it. blah. SO YA, im not going to take anything he said to heart when he's angry. i shall wait till he cools down & willing to talk to me. madhu helped me a lot. thanks madhu, seriously thanks. though i know he won't read my blog. hah. okay. enough of talking crap. byeeeee!

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