Wednesday, September 10, 2008


yesterday was awesome. what i expected did not happen. what i did not expected happened. indeed very surprising to me. gave him home baked cookies & a uber cute tee. managed to rush out the cookies in time. 3presents from asshole. 9roses, storybook & hanky. i love the storybook the most! that's is one of the sweeeeeeeetest thing he did though it's just words. he's not a guy that is always romantic. maybe it's just once a month. hah. dinner in some country club. before that, he brought me to somewhere that he found it on the way home.

a private park. not that bad expect for mosquitoes. asshole hate mosquitoes. lol. i will be going there again for sure. got to reach home by 11pm due to too much too late nights. parents given me last warning or else no more late nights. so original plan that asshole planning to surprise me was canceled. he always have an back up plan anyway. hah.

i shall stop saying what happened yesterday & start listening to what teacher is teaching. &&&&& i could only see asshole 2days later. miss him luh! sep is one busy month for him. course, school, etc etc. oh well, there's next month. (:

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