Monday, September 08, 2008


asshole would really be an asshole when he angry/pissed off & what comes out from his mouth would be rubbish/nonsense. So ignore him totally till he cool down to prevent any argument again/ pissing with each other off thingy.

you know he cares. you know he loves you. you know he's changing because of you. you know he's angry. you know he's saying all this out of anger. so you know you should ignore him till he cool down.

YEAH. this is what i'm going to do right now. at least till 12am. give & take, give & take. give & take. sigh. though we quarreled and i'm pissed with him too. but there's something in me is missing him. sigh. three days without seeing him due to his course, talking less than 50sentences. total agony. sigh.

kinda regret quarreling with him. but what is done is done. be positive, both of us will be the same again provided YOU don't piss him off with your words again. later if he talks to you, be nice real nice i mean. maybe nice to the extent that he can't take it. i know you can do it right joey. & you gonna tell him how much you miss him. :D

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