Sunday, August 17, 2008

Love is a drug, so addictive and strong.

went out of house 45mins after i woke up, mum was complaining. met wishing at tampines MRT to get gf and my stuff from sprees. gf should be with me at that point of time, instead of me being alone. she woke up late, damn pig. trained to somerset and met up with gf. ate KFC for my late lunch. then we started walking around town. almost jalan finish the whole of town i guess. haha. settle down at big O cafe which is at wheelock place. the My O my is mother fucking delicous! both gf and i went "MMMMMMMMMMMM" after the first mouth. oh god, i still can't forget the feeling of it. yes, im going there with asshole or my girl again next time and that's for sure.

started walking around aimlessly again then far east plaza for our dinner. saw asshole with his friends there too. went someplace with gf, asshole and his friends. kept changing places which i dislike it a lot. they just can't stay in one place for long. it's like wasting time going there and here which we could use the time to chit chat. really have no idea what they are thinking. had a tiff with asshole, talked to him. whine and tears all over him. after that, we are fine again. went back home early with gf. asshole sent us to MRT station then he went off to find his poly friends.

Today. wanted to stayed at home. but last min, asshole wanted to meet me up. happy of course. that busy guy. always neglect me. im wondering if he's really dumb not knowing that he's neglecting me or acting dumb. tsk tsk. met him at harbour front. his dressing today was good. too bad i wasn't in a dress to pair up with him. it's okay, there's still next time. walked around vivo, making myself resist the temptations of shopping/ spending money. dinner was next, we had a very hard time choosing what to eat. ended up, asian kitchen was our choice. cause i wanted to eat xiao long bao, so asshole forgo his Carl's Jr. this is a thing that he seldom do.

went to far east to find asshole's secondary school friends. this time, i can mingle with them much much more better than the poly friends. to make things better, all of the friends are fit/tall, kinda good looking too, last but not least they are friendly. lol. they are one bunch of jokers. i like. at least i won't feel ignored or weird. bused to somewhere near great world city to let the jokers have their dinner. they took a long time choosing their food cause the price is super nice. hah. i stole their food, of course they willingly let me steal their food. fooled/ joked around, watch porn in public, played with food and ice. malu's hair got chili on it due to asshole's flying fries.

took bus 14 back to town. those guys accompanied us to wait for the bus. just before the bus arrive, i did something to the guys which kinda makes me went wow! bid goodbye to them. asshole said that i left them a not bad impression, if not they won't let me do that. lol. long trip back home. asshole went back home after seeing me reach home safely. tomorrow's school. sigh.
sleeping soon. but before i chaaaaao,

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