Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm in school right now. no lessons for today as miss jia hweesaid so. some of my classmates went home already. the boys in my class treated this lab as a lan shop and start playing CS. they went insane and started shouting and screaming like mad people while playing the game. gotta go to yishun ITE tomorrow for some PE thingy. need to reach there by 8.30am. meeting gf and friends at 8am at amk MRT. im sooooooo going to be dead dead dead. HOW TO WAKE UP SO EARLY?!

heading home to rest after school ends i guess. kept on going out till late these days, even during school days. parents is starting to complain already. so im gonna be a good girl for today. heh. and my asshole is so so so anxious to meet my parents, what a weird boyfriend i haveeeee. anyway, parents know about who is asshole already. and seems like mummy's impression towards him is not that bad. lol. hopefully he can gain my parents's trust and i will have more late night outings! wahahahahha

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