Thursday, July 31, 2008

monday - din went to school cause there's only PE lesson. went to find that asshole. reached home at around 11plus pm.

tuesday- as usual, both of us was late for school. school ended kinda early. took bus 25 with jessalyn back to amk. slept in the bus. but some bunch of secondary school guys came up and start talking very loud. my sleep got disturbed. damn ass! both of us walked the whole of amk just to wait for that asshole as his school ends at 4.30pm. ate at sumo house. jess and i each bought a top. everytime that i with her, both of us will either search for food or buy something for sure.

asshole came. introduce the both of them to each other. seems they can be quite a good friends since they have so many things in common, esp food. accompanied jess to wait for her bus home. after that, asshole and i went to mos burger. sat there for quite a long time. something stupid happened between the both of us. actually it's kind of funny in an indirect way. went to pasar malam next. bought food! then slack around, went home after that.

today, wed - not late for school! cause it's maggi lai's lesson. watched a very very old video. thomas ong is sooo soo charming but too bad zac says that he's gay. good guys are either dead, married or gays. this is so saddening. ate my late lunch with gf and zaki they all. then went up for jia hwee's lesson. did the robot thingy. and lesson ends! went to tampines 201 mac to wait for the girl that gf and i ordered our stuff from.

took bus to tampines interchange. walked around to search for the thing that im buying for asshole. i had a hard time choosing. that asshole is like so picky in almost everything. gui gong zi is meant to be like that. lol. finally, i choose that thing that caught my eye. wonder if he likes it.
then the both of us bought food again. lucky i don't get fat easily. hahas. home was our last stop. (:

my robot! ;D

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