Friday, July 25, 2008

it's was a tiring day for me yesterday. i fall down from the chair in class 2days ago during a game in maggi's lesson. eddie pushed me and i fell. i think everyone saw everything. damn embarrassing, that's the only word i could say. and my butt still hurts a lot. damn you! it's not even a month yet, and i fall again. oh god! i'm such a clumsy girl. blueblacks everywhere. lol

jessalyn and i went to school for only 1 hour and school ended. cool uh. we were way too lazy to go school. i think attendance would be a goner for the both of us. both of us was arguing which place to go first. ended up, i gave in to her. so we went to bugis first to buy my black flats. then went to far east plaza to buy my white pumps. walked the whole of far east plaza. jessalyn wanted to buy her specs which she says that it's in level 4. we walked the whole of level 4 thrice but could not find that shop. in the end, it's at level 3. i was complaining to jess for making me walk sooooo much just to find one bloody spec.

bought her specs. went to toilet and cam whore! i look super toot in that specs. something real funny happened. which makes my gf super paiseh even though there's only me with her. i kept laughing at her for that thing she misread. hahahahas. both of us bid goodbye at the bus stop and parted. waited for the god damn slow bus 5. the journey home was like 1hour due to traffic jam. luckily, there's place for me to sit. as usual, did what i normally did when i reach home.

and and and i din went to work. lazy is the word. heh. im gonna get nags from zhiwei. oh well, nevermind. thought of going out later on. wonder where should i go. singapore is so so so small. sigh. im off watching my shows. byeeeeeeee!

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