Sunday, July 20, 2008

The lingering tension
of that first hello;
The flush of your face
feelings you'd show.

A secret you had
of what you thought;
The innocent smile
the giggles it brought.

Long summer nights
short winter days;
Together with you
this loving phase.

Skin felt skin
in gentle embrace;
The sweet beginning
of the obstacles we'd face.

Focusing on lust
and never looking past;
For every kiss tasted
could be our last.

hey hey! im backing blogging. i gotten myself a new phone. but the bad thing about is it's not the phone i wanted. the phone i want went out of stock. after that, went to fetch my 2 beloved grandparents. head to airport, crystal jade for dinner. my grandma said that she miss me! lol. the feeling is great. ordered tons of food. sent grandparents home after dinner.

on the way to car park, my grandpa sort of tempt me to buy ice cream. the main reason is he wants to eat it. cause he says "you go buy ice-cream, you eat half, i eat half." then my mama & grandma says he's using my name to buy ice cream so he can eat it. too bad, his health does not allow him to eat his favorite, ice cream. both of my grandparents gave me money. love them to bits. sayang me the moooooooooost! hahahahahas.

talk a lot of rubbish with both parents & sister till we reached home. kinda fun today although it's just a short period of time. heh. got to go now! byeeeee~

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