Saturday, August 02, 2008


i'm god damn shag. but still i had fun yesterday. heh. met up with kyser at amk MRT station. went to mos burger to have my late lunch while waiting for gf to meet us. gave the thing that i bought to kyser. he was smiling ear to ear, as if that thing was a $1000 note. gf came. head towards orchard to get kyser's medicine. then head to harbourfront. waited for kyser's friends. then went off to st james power house. gf and i was kinda paiseh at first. cause i don't even know a single person there expect for gf and that asshole.

slack around. went into the power house. stayed there till 8plus pm. then malu's friend, nic brought us to some pub. waited till 10pm when the pub open. ordered jugs of beer and mix vodka. i resisted the temptation of liquor though i drank slips of it. hahas. that nic asked my number in a very indirect way and i gave. after i gave my number to him, then my gf told me that he's asking my number. i feel so dumb about it. malu, gf and asshole said so. oh well, nevermind. dumb girls are cute. hahahaas.

stayed there till 1am plus. we sort of send the 2 guys off first. then we took cab to east coast park. on the way there, asshole and gf went fucking uber high. malu and i ignored them and let them be in their own world. they even went to disturb the taxi uncle. they were super drunk. malu took care of gf while i took care of asshole. malu and i had a hard time taking care of them. slacked on the rock first then walked to bench. stayed there till 3am. when we were at the bench, the 2 drunk people was talking rubbish. they even thought that we were at pula ubin. walked to other part of ecp, which there's shelter for us. lucky, asshole was kinda sober already at that point of time, so he piggyback me all the way to the shelter. it's was a long way. lol.

gf and malu was together while i'm with asshole. asshole and i kept talking non-stop. which makes the other couple irritated cause they wanna sleep. tons of stuff happened. i think my gf and her milo had a great time. so do i and asshole. lol. gf and malu slept. while the both of us took a nap only. gf said something to us which makes both of us embarrassed. malu wore my hoodie which is so undersized for him. while i wore asshole's top. it's huge but comfortable. wanted to watch sunrise but can't seems to find the sun. lol. i was whining to them that im hungry and i want to eat macdonald's breakfast. all of them can't stand me and gave in. lol. left ecp at around 7am.

malu lead the way to the bus stop. nearly got our way lost. found a bus stop. gf took bus 135 back to amk. while the 3 of us took bus 55. malu and i drop at a bus stop which have buses back to our home. reached home. slept all the way till 7pm. the feeling was shiok! haahahas. pictures other time. heh. and my sister said asshole is handsome. -.-

i miss him i know i do.
heart felt so fucking sour when i saw that pm of his.
but he's not mine anymore. at least we are still friends.
everything we had are memories. beautiful memories of mine.
i will find a guy that is perfect for me. :D

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