Wednesday, July 02, 2008

hi! im back blogging! everything is alright now i guess.

yesterday, went to work as usual. had fun until sam came. shit him. zac became gastric, it's a nickname from Indra. so bardon & sherry follow suit and call him gastric instead of his real name. accompanied zac for break after i end work. waited for my papa to fetch me. and went home.

as for today, out with zac, that sleepy head. we should be meeting 3pm at outram Mrt station. but both of us were late, very late. although zac is even later than me by 7mins. haha. i was complaining that because of him, we can't watch the 4pm time slot. reached vivo around 4pm. that dumb ass lead the wrong way. bought the tickets from zac's skate friend whose working there. his friend had that weird stare on me. zac asked him something which made him look stupid. lol. his friend is not bad looking too. haha. found out that the movie starts at 4.30pm when zac said me blur. it's was half hour different from what i saw from the gv website. zac bought gummies from mini toons, then head to 7/11 for his brunch, curry chicken maggi for him. while i bought 3 bottles of pokka drink due to promotion. luckily, im not the one whose carrying those bottles.

the ads in GV are loooooong. way too long. which nearly made 2 of us fall asleep. the movie is not bad. but kinda bored as it's a action movie. no laughter etc. after movie, i dragged him into lots of shops. of course, i din buy anything due to him. it's a long story. anyway, paycheck coming! heh.
dinner was next, only zac ate cause i was not in the mood of eating although he kept asking me to eat. saying lame stuff to make me buy food. walked awhile after that, and trained home. on the way there, zac felt like vomiting. lucky, he did not. or else i stand there watching him vomit & the next moment, i will be vomiting beside him too. i can't stand people vomiting. i will vomit together with them too. that's gross.

tomorrow working. 2pm-9pm. too bad that my daddy koh & wenyong is having their day off. & i have to face that sam. i can't imagine no one helping me when that sam asking me do this do that while he can do it himelf. sigh. he spoils my mood. he way worse off than indra. oh well, at least, jasmine, zac, aisayh, leechin, lee etc are working. haha. im going to request for the fryer & the oreo job! im known as the fryer cum oreo girl. lee calls me the oreo princess. lol. the managers are not that bad after all. they love to ask me do the easiest thing, like frying/catching donuts, pounding oreo & cashier. pray hard that tomorrow is a good day! *prays hard*

alright, byeeeeee!

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