Thursday, July 03, 2008

today's work suck suck suck to core man! esp indra, that idiotic assistant manager who i argued with. i don't feel like repeating the story again. at least, carmen side me and scolded him. he's the only person i can't get along with. he just love to pick on me. is he jealous or what. chicken nuggets lah! *(#$@(735&(&@#(%! ended work at 8pm instead of 9pm. haha. zac treated me mochi mochi. thanks! and he still owes me a oreo ice creaaaaam. bleah. at least that mochi mochi cheer me up. haha.

working tomorrow. luckily, im ending work at 5pm. after that, celebrating elias's 17th birthday. heh. byeeeeeee!

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