Friday, June 20, 2008

I have to motivate myself to earn more money & save more money in order to spend more money! waahahahahahas!

lists of things i want/gonna do:

learn guitar?, baby, zac & amos have been asking me to learn guitar. -.-
stop buying stuff that is useless.
don't be lazy for work. in other words, work more.
study, i mean really study for the next half a year. but i doubt so. ):
better relationship with baby, lesser quarrels. more lovey dovey times. heh
try to not be late for lessons, which is impossible. BUT i will try my very best. lol
find a job which has a higher pay rate or a job that does not requires any hardship.
keep my room as clean as possible, that's hard.
last but not least, more tops, bottoms, shoes, bags!

seems like nothing can motivate me. hmmmmmmmmmmmm....

im going to sleep soon cause my work starts quite early. nevermind. KACHING! $$ money $$

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