Thursday, June 19, 2008

BOOOOOOOO! im back here blogging.

met amos at lavender MRT station. walked to golden mile hawker centre for our super late lunch. zac should be with us but he's was sleeping due to staying overnight at the chalet. i ate the famous cha kway tiao, while ate the beef noodles. both of them are delicious! went up to the shops to kill time. cause both of us were waiting for zac & jessalyn. shared the cheesecake ice cream with amos. ice creaaaaaaaaam~ i think i will get fat after the holidays end, cause i have been eating eating eating a lot a lot.

went to ICA building just for the air-con. sat there awhile then trained to cityhall. walked around. bought slippers after soooooo long. felt cheated cause the tag on the slippers stated $9.90 but ended up i paid $15.90 for it. damn it lah! on the way to marina square, saw miss pamela. the first thing she said is "you 2 ah, playing on the escalator". lol. she is one pretty teacher. i likes her. haha. jalan jalan around. saw an aunty making the ballnoons! Q & waited for quite a long time, in the end i gotten nothing. kinda irritated. kept whining to amos.

zac came. he said that a mediacorp guy approach him for some thingy, maybe for some acting or modeling? lol. he's handsome what, what to do. lol. went up to the food court. saw jasmine and her friend there. Amos went to fetch jessalyn. the feeling at food court was kinda weird. Zac sort of forces us to accompany him to queenways for some G-string. lol. jessalyn & i wanted to go to kiddy place but the 2 guys drag each of us away from there. their strength was like #%@%&(* strong.

trained to queentown. took bus 195 to the shopping mall. zac bought a hoodie from there which costs $49. expensive like shit. he wanted to buy black hoodie but black went oos. so i suggested him to buy white hoodie since he loves to wear black. A white hoodie with black clothes, the combination not bad. haha. & he really bought it! lol. there's a time that jess and i walked to fast, and the 2 guys went missing. we search for them but can't seems to find them. the shopping mall is like a maze. then out of nowhere, they pop out. there's tons of guys clothes, very litle girl's stuff. next time, i can bring baby there. heh

walked to Ikea. had dinner there. the place is not as great as tampines Ikea. funny things happened. like the playboy mansion right Amos & jess? LOL. after that, took bus back & all of us went back home. tomorrow meeting my beloved baby, i miss him, his kisses, his cookings etc. baby! i miss yoooooooooou! ): right now, he's drawing cause it's homework. ):


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