Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm back blogging people! hehs

let's talk about davin's birthday chalet. the chalet is damn huge. 2bedrooms,2 toilets, one small kitchen & one big living room. slack around in the chalet while waiting for davin's family to arrive with the BBQ stuff. wanted to help his family with the stuff but ended davin and i did nothing. lol. set up the things. chun kiat bbq the chicken wings, while the others like my baby, baitao, daryl bbq the stingray, prawns, satays and sotongs. i ate a lot, serious a lot. around 10 chicken wings, bee hoon, satays etc etc. but i poo poo out awhile after i ate finish everything. kinda wasted. tsk tsk.cut the birthday cake, then davin's family went home which left only us! went to cheers to buy chips, drinks etc.

davin got rejected by the girl he loves again. console him before i went to bed. i got the king size bed all by myself until 5plus am which baby & zihao came to sleep beside me. baby kept snoring, uber noisy. check out at around 9am going 10am. went to elias's house after that. his small brother is damn funny & annoying. his brother thinks that making love = sleeping side by side in bed. -.- can't blame a 8 year old kid. lol. i thought that elias's maid was a malay so i talked to her in malay. but in the end, found out that she's not a malay. it's was so paiseh. his maid cooked fried rice which was yummy! bath, played & watched the 2 brothers playing PS3.

then went off to meet zac at raffles place. get to know a new friend from zac who called sean. a skater like zac too. went to skate park, see them skate. was so surpised that kids which is like 7-8 years old can skate so well. zac's cap looks nice on me. haha. after awhile, zac & i went to makan at the food court. he talked same old rubbish as usual. then zac went back to skate again. vivian & jessalyn came. went to youth park. the 3 of us talked while the guys skate. kinda awkward talking to vivian which i have no idea why. around 6plus, something happened and the 2 girls went off first. and i went off with zac.

the moment i reached home, problems came pouring in. jessalyn called, zac called. said tons of sorry to zac. although it's not my fault but still it's because of me that they quarreled. talked to jessalyn for quite long. can't use the bloody old computer of mine & told daddy to change to a new computer. my daddy agrees! my computer broke down at the right time. hahahaha.

as for yesterday. met zac at outram park mrt. then went to vivo city to meet amos. told amos a lot of things that happened. just 3 days without amos in singapore, lots of stuff happen. i can't imagine if he went to japan for a week plus. i think the world of us will go upside down. ate long john then went to Ben&Jerry's for ice cream! i treated the 2 guys. saw yiqin and his mum and sister while walking around vivo. his mum was happy to see me. haha. going to find one day to go out with yiqin since it's holidays. haha.

Amos have to go for father's day dinner. zac wanted to watch movie. so i accompanied him. bought the tickets at 9pm. movie of the day was incredible hulk. i was reluctant to let amos go home cause im scared that zac would neglect me. lol. ended up, we chill at the MRT station. until 7pm and amos went off. then the both of us went to gaint to shop for chips & drinks. we purposely make ourselves don't click with each other. damn funny lah. our attire made it worse. i wore everything white while zac wore everything black. bought nachos & 1.5L vodavoda. zac was saying that my bladder is as big as my boobs. that lame shit guy.

chill at the roof there. sort of got emo due to the problem i caused. after that went for movie! there's part that i got shocked, there's part that i laughed like mad. after the movie, both of us went home. &&&& i saw my new computer in my room! it's total awesome with new comp. envy me right amos? like how i envy you for the PS3 & Wii. bleah.

now im off to work! byebye!

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