Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I have 2 extremely huge blueblacks on my right leg due to the my clumsiness! i fall inside the Mrt station. it's really very very very embarrassing. only my close ones know how it happened. the type of huge blueblack, it cannot be explained. i think it's the largest blueblacks i ever have in my entire life. it's hurts a lot a lot a lot and hopefully it will be less painful tomorrow. i don't wish to limp on one leg tomorrow.

I woke up at 7.36am this morning. it's accurate because the moment my mum wakes me up, i look into my phone for the time. lol. amos & zac woke up waaay earlier than me. i wake up this early cause i don't wish to take MRT to boon lay. & my dad could send me to boon lay as his workplace is near there. but too bad, he sent me to jurong east MRT station which is nearer to him. at least jurong east MRT station is only 3 stops away from boon lay MRT station. i was half blind cause i din wear my contact lens due to laziness. amos fetch me to mac's when i was half way walking to mac's. i din even saw him in front of me.

saw zac eating his hotcakes. chill awhile then zac went to report his first day of work at J.CO bugis as a topper. same workplace as me! haha. i won't be the only one being the walking donut anymore. bid goodbye to him and both of us went to NTUC. bought some stuff and took bus to amos's house. i felt soooooo awkward being the only person who amos brings home. even worse still, it's early in the morning. both of us watched tv. some boring shows. i kept asking amos when is his mum going out for work cause i really felt very paiseh with his mum around. i asked that question since the moment i saw his mum which is like 10am till around 2plus pm. can you imagine how many times i have asked. it's a miracle that he did not get irritated. haha.

after that, amos told me that his mum is on leave cause there's people coming to repair the air-con in his sister's room. i was told him that i came at the very wrong time. lol. cooked maggi & mushroom soup to fill my hungry stomach. maybe a bit of amos's stomach too. i went to play the computer while amos play his metal gear. he took a shower & off we went to find zac at bugis. he smells like a donut! hahahahahas. went to mos burger to chill, zac did crazy stuff & say tons of random things. can't blame him cause he only slept for 5plus hours where he needs 8-9 hours of sleep everyday so that he won't be too insane. lol. went to bugis street to find zac's black pants. he's one damn fussy guy. he asked me to help him to choose for him, ended up whatever i choose is either he don't think it's nice on him or it's too expensive. guy's stuff are always forever so expensive. that's really quite pathetic. lol.

bought a high waist skirt after standing there deciding should i buy a not for soo long. din really believe in the comments the 2 guys said, maybe it's because they trick me too much therefore it makes me very hard to believe them. lol. went to try on the skirt and indeed like what they said it look nice on me. haha. after that, trained to marina square. ate our dinner there. and went home. din really walked around cause all of us are just too tired. imagine waking up early in the morning when we slept for only a few hours. among the three of us, i got the longest hours of sleep yet i whine more than them. lol. that's all for today i guess. what wordy post i have for today.

btw, i'm going out on a date with jessalyn tan tomorrow! we have planned what to wear. ahaa.
thursday, meeting my cute little baby. and he will surely rub my blueblacks. heh. byeeeee everyone!

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