Thursday, May 15, 2008

SERIOUSLY! i really really starting to hate girls a lot a lot. esp the girls who love to twist the facts around. had some problem that had during my PE lesson. im not going to elaborate on it. i really dislike that girl.

to YOU. you are the one who started the problem first. called your friend saying to them that we wanna find trouble with you. you stare at me, i don't give a damn about already. yet you did the same thing to me over and over again. even worse still, you did the same thing to my friends too. nevermind about this thing.

let's talk about the guy then. i don't see anything wrong talking to a guy. so what if the guy likes you? so what? im just talking to him. you don't have to get angry nor jealous about it. anyway, i don't see any reason for you to get angry / jealous. cause you rejected him and treat him like shit. he's one dumb guy who blindly fall in love with you. you are just damn freaking selfish. even though you don't like him yet you don't let him talk to other girls. or is it just me alone? and you even read his msgs without permission. it's really intruding people's privacy.

i can feel my blood boiling now. jessalyn wants to talk to her and settle it in peace. hopefully she will. i can't talk to her cause i scared that i might make her cry. my girls know how i am like when im real angry. (: my girls are still the best.

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