Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm posting cause jessalyn is pestering me to post post post. once an auntie, always an auntie. but she's still my deaaaaar jessalyn. hehs. lets post about what happened today.

met my dear girl at 9 plus am. it's have been quite a long time since we meet so god damn early for school. btw, on my way to my bus stop, i saw a guy who really look alike like zac. the first glance, i thought it's was zac. lol. reached school, gotten 2 lollipops. gave one to jessalyn. did project in class. project is kinda easy. my shop is IT'S BIKINI TIME! hahas. selling bikinis. while jess sells bag, clothes and shoes i guess. shila sells CDs. hahas.

had our break in the canteen. nasi chicken for me! nice nice. i think this is the nicest food in the canteen already. it cost $2 but it's worth waaaaaay more than $2. went back to class do continue our individual project again. waited for the zaki to finish his project and the 6 of us went to paris ris just to accompany the big boobs girl to do her ez link card. hahas. after that, shila wants to go the new shopping mall at downtown east. i lead the way! finally for once, i lead the correct way. zhao you man zu gan de!

saw a mini singapore flyer in the mall. the ticket per person is $6.50. darn expensive. way more expensive than singapore flyer. and it's just 3 small rounds. they really know how to earn money man. lol. zac bought burger king then the 6 of us went to food court for our late lunch. had Japanese cuisine. for food wise, it's not that bad. at that time, i realise that zac love to say that i have big boobs/ big head. i can't do anything if my body is born like that right. alamak!

after all of us have eaten, i went to shit! after sooooo &^#*^$*@ long. i have been tolerating it since the moment i met jess in the morning. i just can't make myself to shit in school. the dirty toilets. ewwwwww. jessalyn is much more worse than me. she had to tolerate her shit till she reach home. hahahas. walked back to white sands. jessalyn took bus 88 home.

the remaining 5 of us took MRT. played a stupid game and zaki had forfeit to do. which is 40 push ups in a MRT train. that's is real cool. and he really can do 40 push ups leh! zac even took video of zaki doing the push ups. alight at enous mrt together with shila & zaki. went home alone.
din managed to meet my baby today. but nevermind. still have tomorrow! hahahahs.

im having maggi lessons tomorrow. sigh. that particular 2hours just pass so slow. sigh. oh well, bye bye for now! (:

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