Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'M REALLY TIRED FROM WORKING! today is the 3rd day ever since i started working at J.CO. today is the most tiring day among the 3days. i have to serve customers with the donuts they want. some of them are just sooooo irritating. get to know a guy called raihan. finally get to know a teenage guy in J.CO. he's quite funny. and he look much more handsame without his lips. lol.

8 people inculding workers in J.CO and customers thought i'm a mix blood. mix with malay and chinese. cause they said that very seldom chinese girls have big & nice eyes as me. i need to thanks my papa for the eyes. ahahhahas. one of the chef talk to me in english all the way till i speak chinese. she was so shocked. okay, most of the people who ask me that question is surprised im not a mix blood.

worked till 4pm plus. packed up my stuff and took train back with baby and raihan. i feel that raihan is kinda weird in a way. like his shoes, the songs he listen to. drop off at enous MRT with baby. sort of quarrel with him thus did not talk to him until we reached home. vivian and family was in my house. and she bought a skinny that cost her $42. it's so wtf lah, $42 for skinny. i get my skinny only at $22 and it's new future too. that freaking shop is earning waaay too much. heard from her that it's somewhere in CS.

after that, my family and vivian's family went to changi village for dinner. which left me and baby. cook noodles and watch bleach. hehs. did some stupid stuff. baby went home at around 9pm. that's all i did today. lol. tomorrow having some banquet thingy with family to celebrate mother's day. after that starting work at 3pm till 9pm. im getting really sick and tired of serving customers, last but not least looking at donuts! i seriously don't know how these few customers can come and buy donuts from us every single day. omg. that's scary.

ending my post. AND I KNOW THAT MR AH TARD'S BIRTHDAY FALLS ON THE START OF GREAT SINGAPORE SALE! i remember your birthday okay ah tard! (: i miss your nonsenses stuff, shooting all those words to me, quarrelling with you. hahahahs. bye bye~ (:

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