Tuesday, May 06, 2008


went for an interview with baby. jessalyn accompanied us go as she is one of the part time workers there. baby and i are starting work tomorrow. the pay is not that high. oh well, shall quit when i find a job which earn more. hahahahas. have to buy black flats for the work. sooooooo mafan. but what to do. i need money for my heavy expenses. KACHING! $_$ KACHING! heh.

after the interview, wanted to go tampines for our dinner. but jess die die also want follow. she such a big light bulb. ate our dinner at asian kitchen. then deserts at swenses. jessalyn is really really really very dumb with all her actions etc. and and and she clip up her hair so that my baby won't see her bowl hair. hahas. wore heels out. look tall. at least taller than jessalyn. lol. but foot were aching after a few hours. haven been wearing heels for a long long time. after eating, went home. that's all. tomorrow school start uber early. hais.

if anyone wants to see me at work or baby or see jessalyn's bowl hair, you can come to J'CO at raffles city B1. (:

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