Saturday, May 17, 2008


today is my dear jessalyn 17th birthday. met baby at simei MRT to pass him his wallet. cause he left his wallet in my house. took train to orchard MRT. cause the birthday girl said so. in the end, she went to cityhall MRT station. dumb dumb her. so she train back to orchard. while waiting for her, i got kinda pissed off with the MRT uncle. why can't we inside the station instead of outside? weird rules. jessalyn came and walk walk walk without knowing the both of us is behind her after 2-3 mins. she looks real bad with her leggings. after that, walked to far east for baby and my late lunch. and also waited for inping to come.

inping came. and the 3 of us excluding baby went to the toilet. jess took off her leggings. she look waaaaay nicer without her leggings. but she complain that her dress is super short. and she will zhao geng anytime. but i told her, no one will come in front of her and say "ni zhao geng". hahahahas. then 4 of us went window shopping. i just can't wait for singapore sales to come. walked the whole of far east plaza expect B1. then walked to taka. on the way there, we saw the HOUSE OF CONDOM. none of us dare to go in cause we are under the age of 18. afraid of getting caught. but still, we went in. i went into the condom shop for first time ever! despite my kiddy look.

among the 4 of us, im the only who got the attention of the people tending the store looking at me with the "are you really 18 year old?" face. looking young is not what i want. but it's great after all. ahahas. we saw edible bra/undies. damn weird can. thinking of yourself eating bra/undies. it's freaking funny. reached taka. went to toilet. cam whore inside. ahahahas. shopped around taka. and jess got angry for the first time. after awhile, she's okay. Amos came after that. inping and my baby said amos is good. ahahahas. did you see it amos? hahas

after walked to heeren. that's when jess got angry with us for no reason again. seriously i have no idea what's wrong with her these days. none of us dare to talk to her due to her super scary looking face. 15-20mins later, she went MIA. all of us called her, but she rejected all of our calls. so we have no choice but to go home. bid goodbye to inping and amos at raffles place MRT station. then both of us trained back to enous. baby sent me home and went home himself.

i wore heels for don't know how many freaking hours. and my legs feel like breaking. but at least im not the shortest for the day. it's the birthday girl! lol. i wore the highest heels among the 3 of us. but still shorter than inping by a bit. inping have long legs luh. okay

PICTURES TIME! (: pictures that are edited are taken from jessalyn!

where the hell am i looking at?!

i really have no idea what i'm doing with my tongue out. lol.

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