Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i just saw edison chen & one of the members of twins(gillian chung) sex photos from the net. the uncensored photos. those uncensored photos contain of gillian licking his ahem and her leg opening real wide. gillian chung's figure looks nice. =x some people said that the photos have been photshopped. but it darn real to me.

Many people condemn Gillian Chung, because many look up to her as a role model. but role model is still human right? all humans need sex. does not mean being a role model, you can't have sex. that's damn ridiculous. if you all wanna see those photos, search them on the net yourself. but no matter what, edison chen is still very very very very good looking! baby wanna see those photos, what a horny little baby i have. haha.

off watching television. byebye! ^^

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