Monday, January 28, 2008

I just saw a pair of levis shoes which is seriously beautiful. any kind soul would spare some cash for me to buy it? >.<

today, jason & i was the first one to do finish our work again. jason kept on playing the MSN pool thingy. he just won't let me use the computer. he's such a big bad cow. yang ee came to our class for awhile too. he told us about the fart he farted in cheers, damn funny i tell you. after that, class ended. went to buy bubble tea. jason treated. thanks ah cow. =) done eating, drinking and eveything. walked to bedok interchange. accompany jess to buy her shoes. and finally in the last shop, she bought her shoes. i was like complaining to jason that i feel super warm. i was sweating like mad you know. -.- that was place where i saw that beautiful levis shoes which freaking cost $59. went to buy carrot cake then took bus 66 back home.

baby hop up the bus. ate, slept,etc. bought M&M chocolate lip balm & berry chill lip balm online. wondering how nice does it taste. hopefully is nice uh. right now, waiting for my mama to bring back LJS for me to eat! hahaha. it's good to eat a mother working above a shopping mall. heh. tomorrow starting school at 9am. having maggi mee's class. don't like her class due to stupid games, stupid talks and lastly she not that nice. eeeeeeew. oh well, at least there's still a pamela laoshi. haha. off watching teeeeevee. byebye!

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