Thursday, January 31, 2008

i super duper fucked up with a someone. that person thinks that she/he knows me very very well. saying that i'm flirting. i think that the person does not know that i get along well with guys more than girls. so please that acting that you know me very well. my skirt is short, she also want to gossip about it. i did not know that is a crime wearing short skirt in ITE. seriously, i don't even know why she saying this. firstly, did i steps onto your toe/tail? nope, i did not. so what even if i flirt, does it concern you? so what even if i wear short skirt, does it concern you again? no,i don't think so. so for god sake, stop gossiping about me. i know i have too much stuff for you to gossip. but if you really want to gossip about me, please kindly gossip in front of me. =)

secondly, did my friend step on your toes or tail? i don't think she did. she is sitting damn far from you. how is she suppose to diao/stare at you? even if she really diao/stares at you, you can just tell her NOT to diao you instead of talking behind her back.

lastly, stop acting like you are the da jie tou. and provoking me once is enough. seriously, once is enough. i did not gossip about you etc. yet you did this. i'm not doing any thing cause i don't want this matter to get worse. but if you still wanna play, bring it on then. overall, you're not that powerful enough to affect my happy life still. try harder next time yea. haha. i'm still that happy kangaroo! =D

enough of this. going out of house, meeting my friends. byebye! ^^

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