Wednesday, January 02, 2008


spent the count down at a basketball court. everyone was playing basketball where other people went for the count down. we were like so random. somehow, i forced everyone to stop playing & went back to davin's house cause my head was uber pain. cheng song came after we went back to davin's house. all of us which is 11boys & the only girl me, stay in one small room. i was being squeeze by eugene & elias. tons of blueblacks appeared on my leg. slept for a few hours only due to donovan's loud & clear snoring. davin & my baby did not sleep as they don't have space to sleep. davin is known as the ironman.

davin treated everyone macdonald's cause he has just gotten his pay. people, go rob him. =/ a lot of things happened in the night. pestered davin for the big big eeyore & he sort of agreed. out of davin's house around 1plus to have lunch. then went back home together with baby. then slept all the way till night. baby went home after he woke up.
what a new 2008.

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