Sunday, January 06, 2008


went to N.Y.D.C for lunch. the oreo obsession was fantastic! yummy~ baby ate a pizza which is the hottest pizza he ever ate. i tried just a tiny winy bit of the pizza, it's was darn hot. baby only eat the 2slices among the 4slices. good effort! =/ there's lots of soft toys there. most of them was those big big kind of soft toys. lol. went window shopping at bugis street. people squeezing people. went home later on. my mother went crazy & came scolding me & my sister. baby went home to hear his dog bark. =x

oh yah. baby & i went to watch aliens VS predator 2 yesterday. our first movie of the year. the movie was gross gross gross! there were times that i got shocked by the aliens. i think in my row, i'm the only one who got scared & shocked. -.- baby don't even thinks that it's gross. it is gross okay.. roars but overall it's still nice to watch. =D

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