Thursday, January 10, 2008

my appeal was successful but i got into bedok ITE. gaaaaah. at least i can get into a course that i like. phewwwww~ so i have to wake up early in the morning just to go the bedok ITE to register, buy uniform & pay school fees. -.- that jerrer said that the lady in ITE says 8am must reach. going to get my bag with baby & siowmin tomorrow after siowmin have end her lessons. baby is not going to school tomorrow! yeah yeah! i wonder when is school starting. yesterday,went to bought my shoes for school. $29.60, not cheap eh but niceee~ the computer in my father's room is acting weird. mouse moving on it's own. lol. it's scaring my sister. hahahaha. hopefully i can wake up early in the morning. byebye

BTW. IM LOOKING FOR THE TOP BELOW. $16 below. tag me if you have it. =)

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