Sunday, December 30, 2007

OKAAAAAAAAY. i just saw a blogshop selling used bra and underwear. all those stuff are unwashed. omg~ the shop owner is a female, 18 years old. her aim of opening this shop is to make some money by selling bra & panties to horny boy/guys/old man. & not to mention, shelove the thought of having naughty boys out there do kinky things with her underwear..........

she sells her bra at $45, panty at $25. extra charge if those buyers want extra service. -.- &&&&& all items are packed in ziplock bags to maintain it's freshness. she thinks the items is fish is it. she is crazzzzzzy, real crazy. there's people out there buying you know! gaaaaaaah! here's the blogshop,
enough of this sick thing. off calling my baby. byebye =D

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