Sunday, September 23, 2007


outing with baby to marina square and raffles place walk walk. suppose to celebrate clement's belated birthday with him but since he did not contact me with the details of going out with him, i went out with my baby. on the way there, i got angry with baby and ignored him till we reach city hall. walk there walk here. went to GV to take my member card. the card looks like a mini popcorn with words on it. cute! then went around looking for food. i was very fickle minded at that time, kept choosing what to eat. KFC or long john sliver or yoshinoya. i decided to eat long john after a long time of thinking. baby was like 'what you want to eat aiyo' the teasure meal i ate was too spicy for me. i kept drinking the coke and it made me feel so bloated.

walk around marina square. baby kept reminding me that i gonna spend $88++ on clothes/shoes already. so i can't buy anymore clothes or stuff. but those clothes was so tempting. after that, we went to raffles place. had craving for ice cream. wanted to eat ben&jerry at first but it does not fit our budget at that time. at last, we manage to find something that fit our budget. New Zealand's ice cream. one of the ice cream was so sour that i nearly tear when baby force it into my mouth. wanted to buy donut factory's donuts but the Q was too long. the donut's smell was so strong. window shopping a bit and then baby sent me home. papa and mama bought a computer from courts which is super cheap. this is great! so i can have my very own computer.

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