Tuesday, September 18, 2007

today. i went back to school after so many days of 'holidays' at home. timetable changed. from now till the next N level paper starts, all 4 NA would be release at 1pm which is great! had 5 periods of F&N at the start of the day. geog next, one teacher came in and nag nag nag at us for nothing. she act as if she is the teacher in charge. super irritating.

2 periods of chem, mrs cho's teaching makes me want to sleep. that 1 particular hour feel like few hours. it just pass so slooooow. maths was the last period. vinay took the first then handsame mr yeo or teo took over. after school, ate lunch. theresa help me to transfer money to an account but she just can't key in $11.00. we stood at the ATM for around 15mins trying to key in $11.00. meifang saves the day by just keying 1100 into it. we bid goodbye after transferring the money.

met baby at the bus stop. slept through the afternoon. feel so sleepy after eating the medicine. baby went home at around 6 plus pm. my throat is still the same. i fail 2 subjects which is maths and combined humanities. i fail combined humanities by 1 mark. roars!

reply to tags (;
REENS: hello! ;D
JAY: i will try my best to not to get food posioning again. lol
THERESA: feeling much better already. =P
MEIFANG: take care too. haha
BOBO: i drink a lot a lot of water already. you take care too =D
ANNA: after 5 of oct and we shall meet to shop! ahhahaha
DEAREST: on my way to recovery already. haha
h3he: but joey ong weijian's love is me! =P
ELIAS: you help me sue lah! next time i will check. XD
♥ 龟龟: relinked. ^^
fr0st: thank you. ;D
LOK: i will make sure i laugh at you when you are sick! roars!

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