Sunday, September 23, 2007

06/12/06 a day to remember

the first time i saw him, i pulled his hair to check is it real or fake.
days passed, he asked if i could be his girlfriend. i hesitated but decided to give it a shot.
& we got together on 06/12/06, 25days before year 2006 ends.
there were quarreling, conflicts, crying, arguing & more but each time we manage to give in to each other. although he tends to give in to me a bit more =X
we have been together for 9 months plus, there were ups and downs for the both of us like people affecting our relationship, talking to each other almost every night although some time some one/duck will call & disturb, his love towards me and only me, the dates which consists only the two of us, our cooking time, the long bus journey, the quarrellings etc etc.
his love, made me crave for more & more
his eyes, which there were only me in it
his lips, which i got addicted to it
his cheeks, which i love use my cheeks and rub against it
his n-p-l-s, which i love to pinch =X
his hugs, which i feel so comfortable with
his piggyback, made me feel so like a kid
his cooking, made me feel how are we going to be like in future
his voice, sounds so cute when he calls me baby baby baby non stop
his shoulder, which i always bite but lucky there's no marks
his hair, which i love to make a mess with
his fingers, which i love to suck (i know i look like a kid)
his sha jiao, although at times i can't tahan, but overall i love to see him shajiao to me.
i know he is just the one for me.

Mr Joey ong weijian, i loveeeeee you!

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