Friday, July 20, 2007

have i run out of tears.. ? or is it just the fact that my heart is shattered.. ?

there is only so much i can do.. i really dowan to do anything nasty to HIM. cause i know i'll end up making things worse. why? we are the bad guys. HE's the good guy.

here's the chain :

chickenpox -> unable to go out with baby -> someone went with her -> not once -> but many many times -> that someone fancy her -> she din tell me -> i intruded her privacy -> continue not to tell me things -> both of 'em can't auto -> i say out already, nothing happen -> i close one eye, instead, TWO eyes -> cause i know she won't listen -> no point -> things somehow ended up like that -> i am so fucking hell trying my best -> yet?

where is the promise she made... after giving her one week to cooldown, she promised me things would get better.. but we are getting nowhere.. regret regret regret. all along my fault.. kena chickenpox also my fault.. if not, we would not have to quarrel initially already..

let me die.

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