Thursday, July 19, 2007

alright, we quarreled. i dowan her to lessen my burden.. she should know that i am those "i-rather-you-tell-me-than-i-find-out-myself" person. then she also dowan to tell me, anything.. something must be fishy. so i rather go find out myself. now problems yi da dui lah. nb.. aiyah. totally fucked up lo.

i really really dun need her to lessen my burden... i just want her to share her sorrows with me.. not only happiness. sorrows as well.. my only burden now is my Os? fked up..

i no need her to be independent, instead, i want her to be dependent on me.. alamak lah~ rather, everything is going against both of us.. because of one GUY. fk. to think i trusted him. and now he is doing all these shit to me. wtf? friend? HAHAHA.

i intruded her privacy... i know i am @ fault.. but i was so fucking curious. and she just kept things from me.. wanted to handle it herself.. things wouldn't be like that if she had told me... i think i'm too much..

both of us, me and my "friend" becoming like this ? NOT YOUR FAULT BABY. i can safely say this okay.. please.. remmeber that you have me. anytime. alright...

all along... who's fault? no idea.. 99% because of my "friend". although i know by saying this, i would get fked up. but i still wanna say. IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF HIS APPEARANCE. and all the fucking bullshit that he've done.

ahhh.. how i wish i could sleep and wake up not...

p.s. neither do i want this relationship to end...

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