Thursday, July 19, 2007

PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS non stop coming into my life. disturbing my peaceful life. seems like im the only one who have all these problems. if i could return to the past and change everything. i will. so everything would be different. or maybe when im gone, everything would be the same as before for the both of them. my good intentions was being mistaken by the one i loved. maybe its because of his and mine point of view are different. i can't change my character, this is what i am. why i hide, why i did all these. is because what he did, being so rude to intrude my privacy. that intruding thingy affected me a lot okay....

wanted to handle it by myself but ended up he still know. im just trying to be independent so that he could lessen his burden? i do treasure this relationship alot alot, i dun wan to end like this. i dun even want it to end. but seems like everything is going against me. what i did for god sake was wrong..

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! nevermind. every single thing that happened between them, me and him is because of me, JOEY ONG LIYING. their friendship going to be ruin because of a girl like me. quarreling with bf cause im not thinking of how he felt. handling problems that should not be handle. wanted to have a good talk with him without any quarreling but ended up we did again. maybe its my fault all along..

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