Saturday, July 14, 2007

!!!. woke up early today. cause of my alarm. DAMN LOUD. "WE'LL CARRY ON. WE'LL CARRY ON~~~" tmd. -.- quickly bathed and left for baby house.yep yep, after reaching her house, something bad happened. dowanna talk about it anymore. (: then we left for amkhub!!

the bus trip there was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long lah. >< then finally i fell aslepp on my baby's shoulder when she was playing theresa's DS. haha. my thumb was inside my mouth. >< must be damn paiseh lah!!. ):

upon reaching, we went to foodcourt 1st. cause we were all quite hungry. the food sucks lah. sucks sucks sucks. then we jiu go walkwalk lo. hmmm, after sometime, they start to shop for their clothes already. i kept playing hide and seek. >< haha... just wanna be alone and think some stuffs..still feeling very vexed thou.. nevermind.. i believe that this feeling will go away soon. (:

finished shopping @ arnd dunno what time. =x took bus 22 home. on the bus, something hilarious happened. lol. meifang's bubble gum dropped on the floor and kept rolling. =x then donovan called me. that's when they started to say something and i dunno. -.- i dun really know what is it about... so nevermind... but just have a not-very-nice-feeling. okay? haha..

after that, baby and i went to eat dinner @ the coffee shop. after eating, we went to play the bingo bingo thingy. haha. won lots of raffules. (: i helped to carry them up and slacked a while and left for home. and here i am. (:

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