Saturday, July 14, 2007

baby met me at my hse. he bought sweets for me. something real bad happened. sort of spoilt my mood for the day. then meet my girlfriends at my house bus stop. took bus 22 to AMK hub. the bus trip was damn long. but i manage to kill the time by playing theresa's DS lite. i played till no batt =x baby slept on my shoulder on the way there. siowmin and meifang sat at the back of the bus. din really talk to them cause we were too far from them.

after reaching AMK hub, the first thing we did is to eat. most of us was hungry. then went shopping spree next. kept walking round and round looking for clothes. baby kept going missing. well, nevermind. bought 2tops from double index. although the black top i bought is super low cut but it make my front small. then the another white top that i bought, makes my front very big. very weird~ siowmin bought another white bag again after alot alot of thinking. then shop shop shop again. saw a shorts that i want but the size i want don't have. then went to c.o.a.x, saw another shorts again but the size was way too big for me. roars.

while browsing a shop, a lady stepped on my feet. it was bloody pain lah. my leg was red and swollen. was scolding the lady like some mad person. that was the 2 time got stepped on. roars! saw a heels which looks cute on me. kind of wanted to buy that shoes but ended up i din cause i din bring enough money out. meifang bought a top at double index too cause after so much walking around she can't find any thing that she wants. she die die must buy one thing jiu dui le lol.

after that took bus 22 back home. meifang dropped her bowling balls on the bus. when the bus stop, the bowling balls will roll and roll. could even hear the sound of it. we was laughing madly. occupy the last the 2rows of the double deck bus. meifang, baby and me went down the same bus stop. accompany meifang to pei for her bus. went to coffee shop to have our dinner then played the bingo thingy till usual. mama, sis came after the first game. won a lot a lot of ruffles. then home sweet home.

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