Friday, July 13, 2007

today is a friday! =D

met meifang at her void deck. walked to school. reached quite early as both siowmin and theresa was not there yet. miss tasneem was on MC i think. the first thing mdm natasha did to me and meifang was catching our untied hair. read IRP then went back to class for temperature taking till 8.30pm. miss tan scolded us during geog lesson. it was the first time she scolded us.

maths next, as usual din listen to mr vinay's teachings. rushing thru my geog homework as i forgotten to do and had to hand up at the end of the day. ate fried rice with sunny sideup. nice! after that was english, was doing geog and ss homework. last 2 period was ss. did some group work. din really do it, everyone was talking non stop. last 2min, mdm natasha came to our group and started nagging at us. she nagged for around 10mins. that was long~

after school, went home, bath and off i went to meet sampat. mrt-ed to city hall and walked to marina square. change the bag to another nicer ripcurl bag. top up $10 for it. then went shopping. sampat had her eye on a wallet from wallet shop which is the same that i fall in love with it too. we have the same taste. haha! we are going to get the same wallet.

sampat bought a big handbag after walking around thinking want to buy anot. that bag look nice on me too, so i can lend from her if i want to. muhahahahas! walk around and fall in love with that roxy bag at first sight. even sampat said is nice. going to buy that expensive bag. my wallet gonna have a damn big hole~

then went to the shop quick & bite and had some dimxin. only the carrot cake was nice. wasted $3 on that xiaolongbao. gossiping with sampat on the way back home. droped at enous while she went back to tampines. took bus 60 home.

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