Wednesday, June 13, 2007


woke up bath and off i go to lan shop with baby. then went to kfc as all those guys wanted to eat some food. after that, took mrt and bus to downtown east. check in into the chalet. slack there awhile, chengsong,davin and baitao went out to look for some vcds for us to watch. end up they bought some thailand ghost movie. i thought it would be scary but it wasn't after all. gambled around with blackjack, play indian poker etc etc. at around 7plus, we went out for some arcade games. and of cause being a good girl, i din play.

i saw a shop that their kiap kiap thingy is full of octopus. so i went to persuade eugene to help me catch that octopus. lokhang said that i make eugene spend alot of money on the kiap kiap thingy, but i only asked him to spend $1 the others he ownself want to play de =x and i physco eugene play that initial D. so he had to go withdraw his money which makes me felt abit guilty. he withdraw out $50 then one stranger ask eugene to help him top-up his cash card. that stranger gave eugene $20 cash. so total he had $70, what a rich kid. went to food court to have our dinner after those games.

after eating, went to the so called video shop. they went to excahnge that thai movie to other moive. we took a very long time to choose the piece of vcd. ended up we chose some monster moive which called feast. went back chalet, play all those games again. it was fun (: after that we watched that moive feast. it was scary even though i had only watch for around 15mins of it. i screamed a couple of times but no one ask me to shut up haha. baby and i went back to my house at around 12 like that.

took bus 21 back home, the one and only direct bus home. i tried to persuade baby to go back chalet after he send me home. but he din want me to be disappoint me so he decided to stay in my house. my mama so good so unlike his mother. roars. reached home at 1am. do abit of wash up then went to sleep with baby. baby is super uber heavy sleeper lah. he made my leg have 3 blue blacks. and he took some much space of the bed. i can't sleep properly. but nevermind (:



woke up at around 12. had cold war with baby. was angry with him about something and he din even know. roars. around 1plus going 2pm cabbed to the chalet. slack there again. after that, Sabrina and her friend came. finally saw how she look like, she look alright to me. but only some parts i dun really like. they came into the room, everyone was like so quiet lah. even donovan the noisy duck also so quiet. by the way, donovan had sore throat due to yesterday shouting and laughing at baitao. haha. it's rare that donovan can't talk loudly and shout. everyone was suaning him inculding me. hahahahas.

then it was BBQ time. i BBQ the last5 chicken wings. it taste nice lol. shijie bbq the sausage which it turned out half burn half nicely done. then he push the blame to my baby. when he called out the name "joey" both me and baby shout "WHAT" in chinese. then zihao was like laughing lah. after that slack around waiting for the birthday boy and the cake. baby piggyback me around and i asked rijia to help me take photot of it but she din manage to take it. after duno how long, bdae song was sang and cake was being cut. only ate that strawberry on the slice of cake.

donovan cut his toe when he was kicking the big dustbin. he was like zi zhuo zi shou lah. too bad i din bring my plaster out so don does not have any plaster to put. after awhile sabrina walk up to don and gave him plaster but he said "bu yao, bu yong" in a stern voice. i was laughing, i know im bad but its really funny and im not the only person who laughed. after that, eugene, elias and zihao came back from their cycling trip. eugene gave donovan plaster as his toe was being cut or whatever too. then donovan take it, it was like sabrina give he dun wan, other give he want lol.

i remember me using pillow beat that ah tard engteck. and while baby was playing psp, he farted several times which engteck shijie etc thinks that the fart was super duper smelly and they was like going to die from it like that lol. but i can't smell it so I'm so lucky. school relief teacher went to buy some alchol. drank some of it. the E33 taste like beer which i dun like but baby like it a lot wonder why. his sis came and she was scolding the uncle who top up her car petrol. baby send me right to my doorstep. sooooo sweet~ and here i am now. oh by the way, eugene give me a new nick which call oli and baby give ali baba. combine them together is oli baba -.-



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