Thursday, June 07, 2007

060607 wednesday

it was our 6month anniversary. my baby came to my house to teach my sister maths so that he can get some money from it. $10 per hour. i played from lame games from the internet while baby teach joan. after that, we went to marina square for some good food and movie. bought tickets for the movie "gui ah gui ah" there only 1 show time which is 6.50pm. after buying tickets, we went for some shopping as it was super early.

went to yoshinoya for a bite. the girl who serve us very blur lah. this one forget that one also forget. i asked baby to get for me hot water, end up he gave me warm water hais~ then walk walk around marina sqaure again. went into the cinema at 6.50pm, the cinema very small. its call the platinum loungue from samsung. its the first time we went in that cinema. although the movie does not have any ending but it make me laugh a lot a lot.

after movie ended, wanted to go either asian kitchen or newyork newyork for our dinner. at the end of the day, we ate asian kitchen. because one of my friend from my old work place was working there. there's discount for the bill so we went in lol. my friend help me ask the manager if i wanted to work, i agreed. so on tmr we are going to have our interview. after eating, baby send me home. had some tiff with baby but after awhile we are okay again.


070607 Thursday

baby din went for in focus again cause his sister din wake him up. then at around 1plus pm. cook maggi mee for my mummy and me. see i so guai haha. mama don't let me ton at davin's chalet. roars. but at least i can go home late as baby is going to stay at my house on monday night. at around 4pm, we went to have our interview. the interview does not look like an interview cause the manager already start to ask when can we start work, etc etc.

baby and i would be working together. the outlet we will be working at tampines mall B1. we din even know there is asian kitchen in TM. the outlet there is about thai and Vietnam food. i still prefer the outlet where my friend is working. there's xiao long bao ): after the interview, went to the duno where for a walk. nothing nice to shop. went back to marina square for pizza hut. soup was not that nice.

after eating, baby sent me home. then he stayed in my house awhile, went home around 9pm like that.

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